Art Official is an internet novel about the first American artist ever imprisoned for terrorism. Combining spy noir, art historical fiction, dark comedy, political satire, and addiction memoir the story follows Arthur Oswald Fischel as he relives his life as a secret CIA arts operative in post-9/11 New York City.

Art O. Fischel tries to assemble a frantic legal defense after landing in a sub-secret prison in the infamous Guantanamo Bay. His biggest fear isn’t torture or death though. Arthur’s biggest fear is obscurity.

The True Story of CIA Arts Programs

Inspired by actual events that occurred during the Cold War the story is built around a number of artists Arthur considers his own conceptual artworks. Right up to the point in every conversation where he says the lamentable, regrettable, indefensible “now forget you ever knew me.”

The Author

Art Official Eidsvig

Kurt Cole Eidsvig received an MFA from the Creative Writing Program at the University of Montana in 2002. His writing has been published in journals like Slipstream, Hanging Loose, Borderlands, Main Street Rag and The Southeast Review.  He has been a featured columnist on BigRedandShiny.com, and a regular contributor to sites like Examiner.com and ArtsAmerica.org. His work has earned awards like a Warhol Foundation / Creative Capital Fellowship, a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship, the Edmund Freeman Award, and a University of Montana Teaching Fellowship. His writing has also earned semi-finalist awards from The Sawtooth Poetry Prize and Zone 3 Books, as well as finalist recognition from the Elizabeth George Foundation. Media outlets such as The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian, Boston Neighborhood News, and The Weekly Dig have featured Kurt and his work.

Art Official: An Internet Novel

Using the medium of an internet novel allows Art Official, the story of official government art in the 21st Century, to connect to notes, artworks, artists, art, products, backstory, further reading, and inspiration.

Part internet novel, part blog, and part new media installation, the story connects artists and writing in a story that expands beyond the pages of the work.

You can find more about Art Official on the artist’s web page at www.EidsvigArt.com.

Participate In Official Art

Comments on episodes are welcomed. Art Official hopes to begin a dialogue about all things surrounding the life and times of the aptly named Arthur Oswald Fischel.

Inquiries by artists and writers are welcomed, as was as any and all audience members. We love hearing ideas about the artists and artworks Arthur may have inspired in his time as the unknown taste maker in post-9/11 American Art.

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