Art Official is more than an internet novel. Contributions from the community have made Art Official its own art universe.

We look forward to getting contributions from people like you!

How Can You Get Involved In Art Official?

Getting involved with Art Official is easy. You can read along, give comments, and share novel excerpts and ideas with the community.

We encourage you to share Art Official. You can also make connections.

Contact us to tell us how Art Official connects with you. This can include art, writing, and life.

You can even wear an Art Official tshirt or send a postcard. There are a number of Art Official items to make reading along more fun.

Send us a photo of you with your Art Official merchandise. We’d love to share it on social media and put in on the official Art Official site.

(Try saying that 3 times fast).

What Can I Contribute?

One of the more interesting parts of Arthur Oswald Fischel’s journey is how many artists, writers, and people of all walks of life, that he impacted. Some of it good, some it bad.

Do you have a story about someone who was inspired, touched or ruined by Arthur Fischel, The General, Rusty Pete, or any of the stars and costars of Art Official?

Send them along.

Making Art for Art Official

Further, if you are inspired artistically by Arthur’s stories, send along a photo, artwork, or any form of artistic expression. Songs, poems, short stories, art prints and more are a part of the Art Official community.

We would love to give you full credit and a link and feature your work in the community.

Art Official Artists

Did we leave someone out? By now you’ve heard about Fletcher Flynn and Billy Keening.

But do you know of other artists and artworks that Arthur Fischel helped create? We are constantly hearing new stories about the lengths post 9/11 art went to under the secret guidance of Arthur Fischel.

This network spread internationally. Send along the bios of artists and writers who you think were connected.

We love hearing more about you, art, writing, and Art Official.

Contact us now to see how you can contribute and send in your materials starting today.



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